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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 5870K
Developer: Tk::Balloon Team
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Tk::Balloon is a pop up help balloons.


use Tk::Balloon;
$b = $top->Balloon(-statusbar => $status_bar_widget);

# Normal Balloon:
-balloonmsg => "Balloon help message",
-statusmsg => "Status bar message");

# Balloon attached to entries in a menu widget:
$b->attach($menu, -state => 'status',
-msg => ['first menu entry',
'second menu entry',

# Balloon attached to individual items in a canvas widget:
$b->attach($canvas, -balloonposition => 'mouse',
-msg => {'item1' => 'msg1',
'tag2' => 'msg2',

# Balloon attached to items in a listbox widget:
$b->attach($listbox, -balloonposition => 'mouse',
-msg => ['first listbox element',
'2nd listbox element',

Balloon provides the framework to create and attach help balloons to various widgets so that when the mouse pauses over the widget for more than a specified amount of time, a help balloon is popped up.


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