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Tk::Text::Viewer is a text widget that can display text files under TK

License: Artistic License
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Developer: Oded S. Resnik
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Tk::Text::Viewer is a text widget that can display text files under TK. It enable the user to search text and navigate in a Text widget. The reason for creating this module is that it doesn't require downloading of modules other that Tk; Look for widget options in the Tk::Text manpage. A separate program is included and can be used as a stand alone file browser.

The Viewer widget also inherits all the methods provided by the generic Tk::Widget and Tk::Text classes.

The following additional method is available for viewer widgets:
Load file into the text widget.
$text_view->LabelConfig(string or hash ref)
Change label for the search entry field. You might want to change this label if the widget is used in a non English application.

$text_view->LabelConfig(``-cursor=> 'dot''')
Change one label widget option (for example cursor).

Replace label widget options with your own set of options. Do not change the 'Name' option of the label widget. See the Tk::Label manpage for valid options

$text_view->EntryConfig(string or hash ref)
Change the entry widget options. Read LabelConfig for information about parameters. See the Tk::Entry manpage for valid options.

What's New in This Release:
This version requiers Tk 804. If you have older Tk you my use version 0.91
fix Tk::Entry options like '-text' to comply with Tk 804.027
Enable utf8 support for UTF-8 locale on Perl 5.8

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