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TkSmb provides you a graphical interface for browsing MicroSoft Net

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 22K
Developer: TkSmb Team
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TkSmb provides you a graphical interface for browsing MicroSoft Net. On linux I know only 1 program which can do it - 'smbclient'. This program works as a X-shell for it, by simple analyzing output of it.

So this program interface dependent - it can fail easily if output of 'smbclient' is changed.

Using this program you can easily access different workgroups, hosts, and shares on it, mount this shares.


Using this program, you can easily view hosts in different work groups, view available shares and directories in it. You also can download files and (recursively) directories.


Clicking on Group, Host, Share will open it.
Clicking on files in Remote will download it, and start "launcher"(If you have it).
You can select 'recursive get directories' in directory popup.
You can select 'mount share' in share popup.
Attention! While downloading file in the current Share you can do nothing in it. But you can open another, or reopen current. And file will be downloading while you doing some other acttions.


TkSmb support 2 types of passwords - passwords for hosts and for shares. Once you typed password for current host, it will be stored in memory and reproduced when accessing this host. Hosts password used as a default for shares on the host. Password for shares is also stores. If you type password in dialog and click on host/share to it (stored) password will be updated. You can define passwords for different hosts/shares in rc file (see rc-file). If you want use one password for all shares/hosts push radiobutton "Keep".


TkSmb support 2 rcfiles:
system wide - in TkSmb lib directory (name tksmbrc)
user specific - in home directory (name .tksmbrc)
Hear some variables to set:
DOWNLOAD - Download location
MountRoot - Directory in which will be created directories like _HOST_SHARE with mounted resources.
keeppw - (no|yes) checkbutton - keep password.
You can see examples: tksmbrc.example, tksmbrc


It is a program that can make assigned actions with different kinds of files. You can download and install it, if you want TkSmb to make some acctions with downloaded files.


TkSmb will automaticly determine what version of kernel you run. And run smbmount will according parameters. If you have (old or new) smbmount renamed, you can set variable (in rc file) "set smbmountNew" or "set smbmountOld smbmount-". You can also define in rc file "set MountRoot $env(HOME)/mnt" to mount in mnt subdirectory of you HOME.

Tcl and Tk

What's New in This Release:
fixed bug with resolving ip
added support for kfmclient

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