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TKVOICE is a Telephone Answering Machine(TAM) Frontend for LINUX vgetty

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 150K
Developer: Peter
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TKVOICE is a Telephone Answering Machine(TAM) Frontend for LINUX vgetty. TKVOICE is also a Facsimile Answerinmg Machine(FAX) Frontend for vgetty. If you don't have a voice modem you can use mgetty (FAX support only).

Using your voice modem under LINUX, "vgetty" modem software controls the low level calls to your voice modem. TKVOICE is a Frontend that provides a Graphical User Interface(GUI) under X11, KDE or Gnome.

TKVOICE is a TCL/TK script that allows you to record your "outgoing greeting" and play back your incoming voice messages through your sound card. You can also use vgetty for recieving FAX messages and use TKVOICE to view your "incoming FAX's" and print them out to your printer.

This program will always work regardless of what window manager you decide to run (ie/ KDE or GNOME) as this sort of application does not seem to have a high priority with these two popular window managers.

What's New in This Release:
works now with lprng print system
cleaned up refreshing
fixed date formating with new coreutils
fixed bugs in my coding to work with tk/tcl v8.4

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