TnFOX 0.86 review

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License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Niall Douglas
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TnFOX is a modern secure, robust, multithreaded, exception aware, internationalisable, portable GUI toolkit library designed for mission-critical work in C++ and Python forked from the FOX library.

It replicates the Qt API in many places and has been designed primarily for Tn, the port of Tornado to FOX.

Here are some key features of "TnFOX":
Portable to X11/POSIX (Linux, BSD) and Microsoft Windows
License based on the Library GNU Public License (LGPL) so can be used by closed-source applications
Dynamic run-time binding of widgets to each other and to data via messaging
Wide range of easily extendable (via subclassing) widgets
Fast and Lightweight, noticeably faster than other C++ GUI toolkits
Also provides OpenGL, drag & drop, anti-aliased fonts, MIME, graphics & compression support

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