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License: The Apache License
File size: 55K
Developer: Raphael Slinckx
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Tomboy Reminder Plugin allows tomboy to show a note at a specified date in the note.

Tomboy will scan all the notes when started and display the notes to be reminded for a given date and time.

Tomboy will also re-scan the note when you close the note window, so if you want to update the reminder, simply edit the note.

The date and time entry is very intuitive (natural langage), see the website for more info.

You can setup a note for birthdays or todos or things like that, very convenient if you ask !

GTK+ version 2.4.x
>= mono-1.0
tomboy-0.3.2 or higher
dbus-0.23.4 or higher if tomboy is compiled with dbus support (previous version make tomboy crash when using plugins)(note that this plugin doesn't use dbus)

Build and Install:

Simply run

make install (as root)

It should install the tomboy-reminder in the tomboy plugins directory.
You can then install it via the tomboy interface (or copy the tomboy-reminder.dll
from the plugins directory (usually /usr/lib/tomboy/Plugins) to your
$HOME/.tomboy/Plugins folder)

Using the Reminder:

To use the plugin simply write a note and when you want to be reminded for
this note, you have two options:

- put somewhere a "!" followed by a date at which tomboy will
show a popup with the note content at specified date.
- write "remind date" or "alert date" or "rappel date"

The date format is quite loose you can write anything like:

4th july
3 september 05
next monday

Starting from v0.5 you can alo use time in the date, both 12- and 24-hour times
are recognized, for example:

10h am

You can also combine the two:
3 july at 12am
2004/04/02 a 22:50
monday @ 2h am

In general just write down the date and time as you would naturally it should work, if not, it's a bug.

You can NOT use the "american" or "european" date format "mm/dd/yyyy" or "dd/mm/yyy" because it is not clear wether the first two digits are months or days.

Tomboy will scan all the notes shortly after being started and when a note is closed.
When a date is found, the note will popup that date starting at 00:00 and every
30min when you close it.
When a time is found the note will popup at the given time the same day, only once
When both time and date are found, the note will popup the specified date at the
specified time, only once

What's New in This Release:
Add highlighting when a valid date is found in a note.
Case insensitive month names
Added 'today' date.

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