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TopicEngine is an advanced topic management script for eggdrop bots

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: JamesOff
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TopicEngine is an advanced topic management script for eggdrop bots. Its features are: fine-grained access permissions, multiple channels, shortcuts to commands, intelligent topic handling, learning, locking, and more.

Commands can be executed via public message (using !topic in a channel), query (/msg botnick topic #channel, or on the partyline (.topic #channel).

Won't change the topic if it would make it go over the maximum topic length for the network
Access can be limit by bot flags per channel or globally, and by IRC status (+o,+v). Users can be blocked if needed.

Supports prefixes and postfixes to ensure something is always at the start/end of the topic (e.g. channel homepage URL).

If a user changes the topic with /topic, will try to learn the new one so that future !topic commands work smoothly. If a topic is set without a pre- or postfix, the bot resets the topic with them.

Topic locking, so that it cannot be changed. If the topic is changed with /topic, the bot will change it back. TopicEngine uses the botnet to try to avoid a botfight with two locked topics.
he topic is reset after a netsplit to make sure all servers across the network have the topic.
Intelligent trimming of the topic to try to fit as much as possible into the available space.

Can learn a new topic if it's set with /topic instead of through the bot. Automatically learns all the topics on active channels when joining them, and will update them to have pre- and postfixes if needed.

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