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tpad (Tcl pad) is a portable clone of the Notepad program from WinXP

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Antonio Bonifati
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tpad (Tcl pad) is a portable clone of the Notepad program from WinXP. Its goal is to be as similar as possibile to Notepad, except that it doesn't limit the size of the file that is being edited.

What's New in This Release:
The new option I/O Encodings under the Format menu allows to read and save files using any encoding supported by Tcl
Added multi-lingual support. For now there are only two locales: en and it
Added support for Regular Expression to Find and Replace
Added the Edit/Replace function
Added an interface to the external text formatter fmt(1) (both the BSD and GNU fmt are supported as to configuration), the XML well-formness checker xmlwf(1) and HTML tidy(1).
Added a tip window at startup using fortune(6) and a fortune like string database (optional, see configuration)
Added the Edit/Insert file option to insert a file below the cursor
Added the ascii table. Click on a character to insert it into the text
Added the "open recent" file list (with configurable maximum length and persistence)
Added the "placing" configuration options. With it you can control how all tpad subwindows are placed.
Made the code more reusable (using namespaces and packages); now tpad can be instantiated more than one time from the same Tcl interpreter and the text can be saved into a string variable instead of a file; see the docs for a description of the tpad simple API
Now pasting over a selection always replaces it
Control-f has been remapped to open up the find dialog editor
Now no bindings that applies to the Text widget class gets modified by tpad
Bug fixing: Cut, Copy and Delete from the Edit menu now change their state correctly (between normal and disabled) if the menu is torn off; also fixed a bug that caused some commands not to work when invoked from a torn off menu
Implemented a check for broken configuration

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