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Trip Tracker is a position tracking client-server system

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Jan Magne Tjensvold
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Trip Tracker is a position tracking client-server system. Trip Tracker is designed to assist people in setting up a real-time tracking environment with either a private or public tracking server.

The Trip Tracker GPS client sends coordinates to the tracking server to update its position. In the event that the GPS client loses its Internet connection, it can send all collected coordinates to the tracking server as soon as it's back online.

The tracking server saves all the coordinates and can forward them to listening map clients.

The map client can only display a map of Norway, as the WMS server is hardcoded in the server-side PHP script "mapservice.php". This may change in the future. If you know any good WMS servers we might add it to the server-side script, but you still need to add the proper WMS layers in the source code to make it work.
The GPS client version 0.8 does not set up the Java Communications library properly so it most likely won't find your GPS receiver. We hope to address this issue in the next release quite soon.
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Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.5/5.0 or later

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