TundraDraw 0.5 Beta1 review

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TundraDraw is a cross-platform ASCII/ANSI drawing program

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Tom Bigwood and Ron Dicho
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TundraDraw is a cross-platform ASCII/ANSI drawing program. TundraDraw is currently a work in progress.

Here are some key features of "TundraDraw":
Block commands, including Move, Copy, Paste, Erase, Flip x/y, and several types of Fills.
Multi-user network draw, including undo/redo over network connections
VGA/SVGA preview window
24-bit color ANSi mode

Known Issues:

You should avoid using the smiley face characters when using 24-bit mode. These will cause the file to save improperly under certain circumstances.
You should also avoid using blank characters from the F-keys. Instead, always use the spacebar or backspace to blank out a character

What's New in This Release:
Bug fixes:

[TND-11] - Charset encoding problem when saving/loading files in an UTF8 environment.
Fixed page up/page down bug
Fixed alt key stuck down bug on Fedora
Fixed several loading and saving issues

New Feature

Full ASCII character set implemented and available
User manual now has content for all sections

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