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Tuxrip is a Linux bash script for ripping and encoding DVD in mpeg4 format (XviD, libavcodec)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 50K
Developer: tuxrip
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Tuxrip is a Linux bash script for ripping and encoding DVD in mpeg4 format (XviD, libavcodec). It uses a text based interface very easy to use and will work on most Linux distributions.

The compressed video file can be viewed on all OS.

Here are some key features of "tuxrip":
Automatic detection of the DVD name
Ripping and decrypting the DVD on the hard drive
Video encoding in mpeg4 format (libavcodec or XviD),
Audio encoding in OggVorbis format
Use of the ogg container format, allowing several audio streams and text subtitles
D?tection automatique et ?limination des bandes noires,
Automatic detection of the aspect ratio of the movie
Calculates resolution for given filesize and image quality
Optional quality reduction for encoding credits
Encodes in any final file size (e.g. allows encoding on several CD)
Optional compressibility check to determine the optimal quality on a sample of the movie
Audio/Video mixing and synchronizing
Automatic detection of NTSC/PAL DVD and deinterlacing
Encoding can be interrupted at various steps and resume
Automatically system shutdown after encoding
Test mode : to encode only one chapter
Burn mode : automatically writes the video file after encoding
English and French interface
Can encode a movie with several audio streams (--multiaudio mode),
Can backup an entire DVD (--clone mode) and this backup can be used subsequently to do the encoding (--source mode),
Automatic detection (or forced using --split) of fat16/32 partitions (splits movie into 1GB vob files).

What's New in This Release:
a --debug mode to display all error messages coming from the used commands.
checks transperl.pl is available when using mode --xvidtrans.

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