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Twibright Twig is an image gallery program

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 9K
Developer: Karel Kulhavy
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Twibright Twig is an image gallery program. You have a directory with subdirectory structure with images. Twig generates for each image 3 levels of diminished images and 3 level of thumbnails.

Twig keeps a clickable structure of HTML files, each directory has an own HTML page with listing and each file has own HTML page with links to various sizes of the images under thumbnails and with EXIF information and image comment.

Twig can work with JPG and PNG images. Maybe also with GIFs but I am not sure.

If you change anything in the gallery (add directories, files, change files, delete files), you just need to rerun the "regen" script. Twig automatically detects all changes and updated in the HTML structure. Thumbnails and scaled down images are automatically regenerated if needed. Most time-intensive work is however not done if not necessary.

ImageMagick (works with 6.2.8) with PNG support - the "convert" and "identify" commands are used.
jhead (works with v2.2)
Idependent JPEG Group libjpeg - the "rdjpegcom" program is used.


Create a directory for your images (let's call it "grxmaster").
Put the Twig files into grxmaster: Makefile, data.c, data.h, findscript, foder.gif, index_template.html, manager.c, mvscript, regen, rmscript.
Rename index_template.html to index.html and perform changes you want.
Go into grxmaster and type "make". If the compilation blows up, complain to the author (see contact below).


Create directory grxmaster/images.
Put your images into grxmaster/images. You can create subdirectories inside the images directory and put some images into them if you want to organize your images into subdirectories.
Go into grxmaster and run the "regen" script. It can take some time.
Now load grxmaster/index.html into your web browser and you are already viewing your gallery
To link to a directory, first find the directory from index.html. The hexadecimal identifier will be in the heading of the directory, example: [1552]. To link to this directory, use .../grxmaster/tns/1552.html.
Link to images the same way as to a directory, just use the identifier from the image page where it is printed in the heading too.
To refer to thumbnails, use grxmaster/tns/lvl0/1552.html, where lvl0 can be replaced by lvl0-lvl5, depending on the size you want.

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