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Twisted Storage is an application that will take your data and manage it for you, just like a file system

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Twisted Storage is an application that will take your data and manage it for you, just like a file system. But Twisted Storage goes way beyond what a normal file system does.

What types of "objects" are stored in Twisted Storage : just regular files. The data stored in the system is expected to be fixed content, meaning it doesn't change at all. If you read the data back, change it, and store it, it is considered a different file. There are plenty of examples of fixed content data : emails you received, movies or mp3 files you made or own, documents you wrote, etc. In fact it is estimated that 80% of the data you have on your computer is fixed, reference data.

Your Twisted Storage system can start out small - a single computer with a few disk drives. When you need more storage you can add more disk drives and more computers. But it has been designed to store petabytes worth of data without requiring any special hardware. For example storing a petabyte worth of data, using the biggest disk drives available today (500 GB), would require 2000 disk drives. To overcome the need of special hardware, Twisted Storage is a scalable, distributed system using ordinary commodity computers. Even so that petabyte of data would require 500 computers networked together and that requires special handling.

Twisted Storage has a few features you won't find in any file system. For example once a file is added to the Twisted Storage repository it can be written in multiple locations simultaneously. The system has been designed to be compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley Act: when an object is added to the repository you can no longer delete it and the integrity of the contents are guaranteed. In addition any access to the object is recorded.

Here are some key features of "Twisted Storage":
Scalable to thousands of servers and multiple petabytes of data.

Regardless of how much data you want to store,Twisted Storage is designed to handle it. The system can grow from one computer and a few disks to hundreds of systems and thousands of disk drivers.

Automatic data recovery without human intervention.

Twisted Storage doesn't require backup/restore software or procedures. All data written to the system is recorded in multiple locations.

No special disaster recover procedures.

So long as you have your systems in physically different locations and you have instructed the software to write the multiple copies to those systems, you have no-hassle disaster recover. If one of the sites goes down, the system will retrieve any data from the other systems. Additionally, once the disaster site is up and running, the system will automatically restore the data to the it.

Simplified configuration.

To ease management of the system, you can change any one system's configuration and have it ripple through out the system.

Zope Interface
Twisted Matrix's Twisted framework
Divmod's Axiom

What's New in This Release:
A rework of the way global changes were broadcast.
An issue with FTP Service not using the correct home directory has been fixed.
Some minor bugs in the system have been fixed.
Support has been added to allow broadcast/multicast mode to be selected on the command line, overriding the .ini file.
Work has been done on, though it is still broken.

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