URBI Project 0.9.7 review

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URBI: Universal Robotic Body Interface

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: JC Baillie
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URBI: Universal Robotic Body Interface. URBI is a scripted command language used to control robots (AIBO, pioneer,...). It is a robot-independant API.

URBI Project is based on a client/server architecture and it is designed to be used over a TCP/IP or IPC connection.

Here are some key features of "URBI Project":
URBI is a low level command language. Motors and sensors are directly read and set. Although complex high level commands and functions can be written with URBI, the raw kernel of the system is low level by essence.
URBI includes powerful time oriented control mechanisms to chain commands, serialize them or build complex motor trajectories.
URBI is designed to be independant from both the robot and the client system. It relies on TCP/IP or Inter-Process Communication if the client and the server are both running onboard.
URBI is designed with a constant care for simplicity. There is no "philosophy" or "complex architecture" to be familiar with. It is understandable in a few minutes and can be used immediately.

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