VAMP 2.0 Beta1 review

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VAMP is a web-mail client written entirely in the PHP scripting language which can access POP3 mailboxes

License: Freeware
File size: 46K
Developer: Hyriand
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VAMP is a web-mail client written entirely in the PHP scripting language which can access POP3 mailboxes. VAMP project features an interface not entirely dissimilar to other web-mail clients like Microsoft's Hotmail or IMP.

The main goal of this project is to deliver a solid web-based E-Mail reading and composing platform that is fast, simple and easy to set up. VAMP also has some features rarely found in other web-mail packages.

"Virtual users" for example, which basically means that all E-Mails to a certain domain are put together in a single mailbox which is accessible through a POP3 server. VAMP then decodes this E-Mail box and allows several users to access their own E-Mails, and prevents users from viewing another user's mail.

Here are some key features of "VAMP":
Easy to set up and maintain configuration using the Setup Tool
Access to local and remote POP3 E-Mail boxes
Ability to compose messages with attachments, carbon-copy's etc...
Each user has his own contact and signature database
VAMP supports translation-on-the-fly to support different languages
"Virtual users"
Support for both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
Support for encrypting attachments (under PHP3)
...much much more...

A webserver which supports parsing PHP files
PHP3 or PHP4
A POP3 server for receiving mail (either local or remote)
An SMTP server for sending mail (local or remote)
An SQL database supported by PHP (for now just MySQL and PostgreSQL)

VAMP has been tested and found working on several operating systems running different web-servers, POP3-servers and SMTP-server: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows running Apache or Microsoft IIS, and MySQL or PostgreSQL.

What's New in This Release:
Added Bob Apthorpe to the CREDITS
Finally fixed the d*mned bug that would stop VAMP from working with several major SMTP servers (it works with eg. postfix now).
Fixed a small bug that stopped "Add to contacts" when reading an E-Mail from working.

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