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Veejay is a visual instrument and realtime video sampler

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Niels Elburg
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Veejay is a visual instrument and realtime video sampler. Veejay allows you to "play" the video like you would play a piano. While playing, you can record the resulting video directly to disk (video sampling). Veejay can be operated live by using the keyboard (which is 100% user definable) and / or remotely over ethernet.

Veejay can be used to manipulate video in a realtime environment i.e. 'VeeJay' for visual performances or for (automated) interactive video installations.

DirectFB (optional)

What's New in This Release:
In this release, many bugs were fixed in both the server and the graphical client.
The server 'veejay' has the following new features: a new OpenGL video output window, capture support for Video4Linux2, DV1394 and USB Web cams, support for reading Quicktime files (MJPEG and dv), improved support for AVI, and support for full range YUV.
The graphical client 'gveejayreloaded' has a Multi Track window where you can keep track of veejay servers.

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