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VIF project is a Web-based virtual discussion forum

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Benno Luthiger
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VIF project is a Web-based virtual discussion forum. It aims to implement a specific discussion model that supports goal oriented discussions of complex matters.

This discussion model builds on structured discussion threads, integrated quality control, and well defined group boundaries.

Structure: The discussion threads are well structured. A discussion thread starts with a problem description and an opening question. The thread then evolves in a tree of subsequent questions. Each question of one level sheds light on a specific part of the parent question. Each subsequent question has to be justified and understandable. The process goes on up to the point where the questions have a granularity which makes it possible for the contributors to answer them. At this point, the process turns back. Each question can be replaced by a specific answer. At the end we don't have an answer in the form of true on wrong. Instead we are in the position to say under which conditions a certain action is the better response for the complex social problem then the alternative actions.
Remember: Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. (Raymond, The Cathedral and the Bazaar)
Quality control and Workflow: There is no such thing as free speech to solve complex problems. In the discussion model we suggest, we don't intend the moderation by a (more or less) benevolent dictator. Each registered member acts as reviewer for the other's contributions instead. The workflow for the publication of a contribution is as follows: a) A member makes a contribution (answering a question or adding a child question). b) A reviewer (an other registered member) is selected by random. c) The reviewer either agrees with the publication or proposes a revision. In the latter case, the process returns to step a). d) If both the contributor and the reviewer agree on the contribution, it is published.
Defined community boundaries: Each person who likes to participate to the forum has to register. To make a contribution, the members have to log in. If a member doesn't adhere to the community norms, he can be excluded.

What's New in This Release:
New features:
Implemented feature to suspend participation in the discussion groups the participant is registered during a specified time span.
Added possibility to store Lucene search indexes in database (created new table tblLuceneIndex).

Bugs fixed:
Corrected wrong path to menu in change password and save personal data task.
Fixed typo in permission table that prevented management of subscriptions.

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