vlorb 1.2 review

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vlorb is a high quality Audio CD to audio file encoder

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 23K
Developer: Jochem Kossen
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vlorb is a high quality Audio CD to audio file encoder. vlorb is a console frontend for cdparanoia and CDDB. The aim of vlorb is to create high-quality audio files in a simple and effective way, while providing a comfortable feature set.

vlorb uses CDDB to get CD information for making tags and file naming.

vlorb is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The COPYING file (part of the download tarball) contains a copy of it.

cdparanoia, http://www.xiph.org/paranoia
Perl, http://www.perl.org
Perl CDDB module, http://www.cpan.org

What's New in This Release:
Multiple CDDB entry support. All credit goes to Bas Kok (thanks!). This still needs some attention though (ie turning on/off the interactivity).
quote escape fix (thanks Frank Osterfeld for reporting this on 2003/08/03
Ripdir support (when set, vlorb will place encoded files in this directory)

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