VultureNG 1.94 (ADS) review

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Vulture is an HTTP reverse proxy

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1685K
Developer: INTRINsec
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Vulture is an HTTP reverse proxy. It does many security checks (authentication, rewriting, filtering) before proxying request from Internet to your web applications. With authentication enabled, vulture will open flows only to authenticated users.

VultureNG also allows to your users to use only one password to access many different applications by learning and forwarding their different accounts.

Here are some key features of "VultureNG ADS":
Authentication (SSL, LDAP/AD, SQL, Radius)
Authentication forwarding (SSO)
Headers modification on the fly
Flow encryption
Content filtering
URL Rewriting
Load balancing

What's New in This Release:
ACL by group for SQL authentication are now possible.
A default URL by interface can be specified.
A bunch of minor enhancements comes with this new release, such as header propagation for SSO forward and bugfixes.

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