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License: Public Domain
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Developer: Ian Douglas
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w98podfetch is a script that uses an XML configuration file to retrieve new podcast files from feeds you have subscribed to.

Each subscription is listed in the main configuration file, and the script can set limitations such as "don't download more than 50MB from this feed" or "download a maximum of 5 files from this feed" either globally or on individual feeds.

Here are some key features of "w98podfetch":
XML based configuration for easy setup
customizable features for each podcast such as downloading files in publication order from oldest-to-newest or newest-to-oldest, and whether to adhere to download limits such as downloading no more than 5 files from this podcast at a time, or 25MB from that podcast at a time.
README.txt file to describe the application, configuration and requirements
sample configuration is included with a few of my favorite podcasts

Perl 5.6 or better

What's New in This Release:
This version includes minor bugfixes, a new feature for downloading a single podcast from the entire configuration, and a --debug option for more verbose output.
A changelog.txt file is now included along with information in the readme.txt file about one user's experience getting the script to run as a Windows service.

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