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waproamd is a Linux WLAN roaming daemon for IEEE 802.11b cards supported by a driver with the wireless extension API

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 124K
Developer: Lennart Poettering
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waproamd is a Linux WLAN roaming daemon for IEEE 802.11b cards supported by a driver with the wireless extension API.

It is intended to configure the WEP keys according to the networks found.

Due to driver and stability issues, starting from version 0.5 ifplugd is no longer recommended for joint use with waproamd.

The default action scripts of waproamd are modified accordingly: they run ifup/ifdown on their own behalf when a new network became available or and old one is lost.

If you like you may still use waproamd and ifplugd on the same interface together, but you have to modify the default configuration to reflect that.

An alternative implementation of a tool like this is [17]wlandetect.

Mode of Operation:

As long as the local NIC is not associated to any wireless network waproamd scans iteratively for them. If one is detected, a script in /etc/waproamd/scripts/ named after the MAC address of the access point is called (First lowercase, than uppercase is checked).

If a script like this is not found a script named essid: in the same directory is used. Special characters are escaped in an HTTP URL like fashion. If this script is not existent, /etc/waproamd/scripts/default is called instead.

The first argument to this script is "start". If the association is lost, the same script is run with the argument "stop". While the NIC is associated no scans are issued.

If multiple WLANs are detected at the same time, the network which is detected by the hardware first is selected. However, networks where a matching script exists take precedence.

waproamd requires a network driver supporting the Linux wireless extensions v15 or newer. The driver needs to support scanning for wireless networks, which may be tested by running "iwlist scan".

If the driver supports the wireless event subsystem, waproamd may use it to improve latency behaviour. It is not required, however.

waproamd supports the host_roaming private ioctl() as defined by the [21]hostap driver.

Don't forget to install a firewall on your computer, since waproamd will try to log into any network it finds with default settings, if not configured otherwise. Yes, you a right, waproamd is war-driving on steroids.

What's New in This Release:
added spec file
disable host roaming by default
the default configuration doesn't rely on ifplugd anymore

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