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wApua is a WAP WML browser written in Perl with a Tk user interface

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 37K
Developer: Axel Beckert
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wApua is a WAP WML browser written in Perl with a Tk user interface. It uses libwww-perl as its backend, has history and cache, and can display most WML tags, including tables and WBMP images.

wApua includes a WBMP to XBM converter for command line use.

Here are some key features of "wApua":
Interprets most WML tags, including:
Anchor- and do-links;
Templates; (And in comparison to WinWAP 2.x, it interpretes the tag correctly!)
CDATA sections;
Proxy support via environment variables;
Image support (WBMP type 0) due to internal WBMP to XBM converter;
Timer support;
Emacs-, vi- and Netscape-style (both X- and Windows-Netscapes) key bindings;
Stop button and right-click context menu; NEW
Status line showing file size (if appropriate, also image dimension or number of cards), how much data has been downloaded, link URLs, button functions (incl. URLs in case of forward and back buttons and WML do-buttons).
Highlighting of links, if the mouse is over them (as the hover feature in MSIE and Opera);
Includes a WBMP to XBM converter script for command line use;
This converter is thought as an example for how to use the wApua WBMP to XBM converter in other PERL scripts. If you're looking for some professional and free image converter, which can read and write WBMPs, have a look at ImageMagick. (FAQ: Why doesn't my ImageMagick support WBMP?)
Simple WTAI (Wireless Telephony Application Interface) and Telephone Call URL (RFC 2806) support; NEW
Surely I haven't programmed some telephone, but wApua shows you, what a mobile phone would do with some wtai: or tel: URL.
RAM cache;
Simple per-request authentication;
Comfortable installation via ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
Configuration via configuration file ~/.wApua.rc; NEW

libwww-perl (aka lwp) and HTML::Parser
PERL 5.004 or above
perl/Tk 800

What's New in This Release:
Documentation was added.
Minor bugfixes and minor usability enhancements were made.

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