Web diary 0.3.5 review

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Web Diary is a Web-based multi-user CGI diary applet

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 55K
Developer: Dave DeMaagd
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Web Diary is a Web-based multi-user CGI diary applet. It includes scripts for allowing users to make entries publicly viewable, easy administration, and user preference editing.

There are two changes to the database structure in this release and is very simple:

1. There is a new table (see diary.tbls), categories, and two pieces of information that needs to go in there. Nothing too complicated.
2. There needs to be one column added to, and one column removed from entries. You can accomplish this via something like:

alter table entries add entFCat int not null default 1
update entries set entFCat=2 where entFIsPublic=1
alter table entries drop entFIsPublic

Though, as usual, you might be wise to make a backup, though this is what I did, and didn't have a problem with it. What this does, in order, is 1) creates the new column, 2) preserves the public entries.
3) gets rid of the old column.

Other than that, I don't recall any signigicant changes that were made in
thi version that will affect the database.

DBI compatable database
Perl 5, modules: DBI (or Apache::DBI for mod_perl use), Net::SMTP, Time::ParseDate, Text::Ispell
Working web server that will execute CGI code or mod_perl

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