WebDyne 1.40 review

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WebDyne is a dynamic content generation engine for Apache/mod_perl

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1228K
Developer: Andrew Speer
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WebDyne is a dynamic content generation engine for Apache/mod_perl. WebDyne allows Perl code to be embedded or linked into HTML pages, selective rendering of HTML sections within a page based on logic, and much more.

Once WebDyne is installed any file with a .psp extension is treated by Apache as a WebDyne source file. It is parsed for WebDyne specific tags (such as and ) which are interpreted and executed on the server as appropriate. The resulting output is then sent to the browser.

Once pages are parsed once they are stored in a partially compiled format, speeding up subsequent processing.

The aim of WebDyne is to make coding web pages with Perl components a faster, easier and more maintainable experience. You can be the judge of whether it succeeds in that aim by examining the examples below and trying it out for yourself.


What's New in This Release:
This release marks the initial support for WebDyne on the Windows platform.
WebDyne will now work with Apache 2.0, Apache 2.2, and IIS on Windows Server.
An installer that configures Lighttpd for use with WebDyne is now included to ease installation in that environment.

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