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The Wengophone is an easy to use program, that enables you to call anyone, anywhere,

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 3255K
Developer: OpenWengo
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The Wengophone is an easy to use program, that enables you to call anyone, anywhere, anytime, for free. Its native use of the SIP protocol makes it interoperable with most on the known VoIP technologies.

WengoPhone already has built-in video capabilities, and is will offer many more features in the near future such as calling ordinary phones (land lines and mobiles) at very low prices, conference calls, user communities and innovative cellphone-based services.

With our software, you have better audio quality, broader connectivity and low bandwidth usage. Additionally, thanks to its GPL licence and SIP-compliant foundations, you get the freedom of open source software: add functionnality or modify Wengophone to fit your needs.

We are aware of the challenge that is launching an open source project, not just in terms of creating a new technology, but also in getting developers and future customers to support the efforts. We are commited to consistent and honest communication.

OpenWengo and Wengo's commercial ventures are complementary, and our goal is to provide an alternative to expensive and/or proprietary services.

We expect to compete strongly with Skype in the realm of software-based services (PC to PC) and complementary access modes (ATA, mobile devices). The trick? Free calls, Free software.

SIP, short for Session Initiation Protocol, is an open standard developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force. Eventually, it will enable interoperability with other compliant VoIP service providers. One will be able to call any other SIP-compliant softphone user, seamlessly and for free. Moreover, SIP will enable new services for mobile users.

Here are some key features of "WengoPhone":

Wengo uses your broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable or WiFi) to provide telephony services. Call your friends, family, and colleagues anywhere, anytime, for free. Use video and chat features, also for free.

Wengo also offers low cost international rates (prepaid or unlimited) to land lines or mobile phones, and an SMS gateway service.

Wengo provides its customers with a Wenbox ATA, that enables the use of any regular phone. This device converts analog phone signals so that calls can be placed over the internet.

x86-based PC
Linux Kernel v2.4 or later
Open Sound System
Qt3 runtime library (libqt3c102-mt)
KDE desktop environment recommended
Headset or microphone & speakers
Broadband internet connection

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