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wingS is a servlet development framework for Web applications

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: wingS Team
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wingS is a servlet development framework for Web applications. wingS project features Swing-like components and utilizes Swing models, Swing events, and a very similar API.

A special LayoutManager allows you to place components using designer provided HTML templates. The HTML code generation of the components themself supports PLAF (Pluggable Look and Feel), so it is possible to create a different output, like plain HTML, HTML+CSS, and WML.

What's New in This Release:
This version featured a completely rewritten rendering subsystem focusing on optimal stylability via CSS and new features like drag and drop support, context menu server- side code execution (through AJAX), highly flexible dynamic layout managers, tooltips, and handling of browser back navigation.

What's New in This Release:
Bug fixes:
[WGS-128] - ListSelectionEvent w SINGLE_INTERVAL_SELECTION doesn't return proper selected indexes
[WGS-156] - WCC TODO: differences DesktopPane
[WGS-160] - Vertical ScrollBar in IE
[WGS-163] - WCC TODO: Text Component Example has slight rendering differences
[WGS-173] - Rendering of Border Insets differs between MSIE and Mozilla
[WGS-175] - Cannot use the 100% browser frame height in wings application.
[WGS-180] - Component insets in IE
[WGS-183] - ErrorHandler doesn't work reliably
[WGS-184] - Grids in GridBagLayout are not collapsed
[WGS-187] - Table CellEditors don't work
[WGS-191] - SEmptyBorder on SButton doubles in Mozilla
[WGS-154] - Test performance and look for tuning potentials

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