Wired 0.4 Alpha review

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Wired project aims to be a professional music production and creation software running on the Linux operating system

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Wired Team
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Wired project aims to be a professional music production and creation software running on the Linux operating system. Wired supports unlimited Audio/Midi tracks playback and recording, and introduces a Plugin system for instruments and effects. It can also read AKAI CDs and import 18 different Wave formats.

The following instruments and effects are being developed:

Loop sampler, with pitch shifting and time-stretching
Beatbox with a new editing concept, to create reallistic and complex drum sequences
MIDI controlled sampler, which can read AKAI program and sample files.
High-pass, Low-pass and Notch filters

Wired is composed of a Audio/MIDI sequencer and a rack based plugin system, which enables you to record your instruments and mix them with electronic effects at the same time. The user interface of Wired has been designed to make it easy for professionals or beginners to compose music in a software based environment.

Wired targets the Linux operating system, and uses GTK and wxWindows for the graphic interface. It supports the ALSA sound architecture and OSS for Audio and MIDI I/O.

The following parts of the project are already implemented :


Multitrack Audio playback and recording
Multitrack Midi playback and recording
Sequencer engine
ALSA/OSS/Jack Audio support
ALSA MIDI Input support
Plugin system
Rack view
Sequencer view
Dynamic Mixer console
Transport panel
Online help
Import Wave and Midi files
Reads AKAI CDs


Loop Sampler
Low-pass filter

This application requires GTK+ version 2.2.x.
Other dependencies include:
wxGTK 2.5.0
PortAudio v19
latest libsndfile
latest SoundTouch

What's New in This Release:
Add save and load function for Media Library, Drum31 and WiredSampler
Improved connection management between effect and instrument
Improved Rack connection
Fix autoscroll when you add wiredsampler to the rack view
Fixed a bug when removing a rack
Fixed preview in media library
Improved copy/paste of multi-pattern
Add wired directories for lib, include, sysconf and data directories
Real name of the Midi device displayed in the header of the track
fixed use of PortMidi API
Removed forgotten debug messages
Added an icon when an effect can be assign to a track
Made some clean up in the menu and keyboard shortcuts
Resolved bug in Wave Drawer
Repaired stereo in wired and prepared multichannel
Added drag and drop between Medialibrary and Sequencer
Added drag and drop features in Sequencer

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