Wireless Assistant 0.5.6 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Pawel Nawrocki
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This is a small application allowing you to scan for wireless networks and connect to them.

Wireless Assistant uses wireless-tools as it's backend, so they need to be installed.

All feedback as well as hints and good advice are appreciated!


make -f Makefile.cvs
su -c "make install"

What's New in This Release:
NEW: Added an option to wait before getting scan results - fixes a problem when some networks were not visible after initial scan.
NEW: Added option to automatically connect to best network at startup.
NEW: Added customizable per-network commands before/after connection/disconnection.
NEW: Added Arabic translation (by Mohammed Gamal)
NEW: Added Norwegian Bokm?l translation (by Alexander Nicolaysen S?rnes)
NEW: Added Swedish translation (by Daniel Nylander)
FIX: Updated Spanish translation (by Enrique Mat?as S?nchez)
FIX: Revised and completed Portugese (Brazil) translation (by BRUNO GON?ALVES)
FIX: Removed the '-q' option from dhclient execution (problem reported by marshallbanana)
FIX: Made automatic reconnection option more visible (modified patch by Henry Kay)
FIX: Fix bug 1447119 - ignore hostap's wifi0 interface (reported and patched by Andreas Nolda)
FIX: Wait a little bit before checking if connection was successful (a working connection was sometimes not detected)
FIX: Fixed detection of a running DHCP client (patch by James Ots)
FIX: Fixed gateway detection for SUSE10 (patch by James Ots)
FIX: Added .info files path for SUSE10
FIX: Skip channel setting if not supported (fixes bug 1349228)

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