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Wizz RSS News Reader is a very simple Really Simple Syndication and Atom news aggregator

License: MPL (Mozilla Public License)
File size: 170K
Developer: Mike Kroger
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Wizz RSS News Reader is a very simple Really Simple Syndication and Atom news aggregator.

It is an XUL application, implements as a Firefox extension and is absolutely 100% free of charge. Wizz RSS does NOT contain ANY spyware or adware.

Here are some key features of "Wizz RSS News Reader":
Drag and drop Quick View function for viewing feeds without having to add them.
Optionally store lists centrally to make them easily available from any PC.
Simple drag and drop for adding feeds.
Share news items and feeds via email.
Watch List to periodically check feeds for new news items.
Watch list entries can be configured to notify when new news items are found or they can be configured to save new items locally.
Watch list works fairly well as a Gmail checker.
Optionally log Watch List activity.
Integrated search functionality.
Integrated weather information.
Integrated Live Bookmark import.
HTTP Authentication.
Supports OPML imports and exports.
Supports all versions of RSS.
Supports Atom 0.3.
Supports Atom 1.0.
Supports integration with Firefox 2.0 feed handling.
Supports GZIP compression (i.e. Feeds that are gzipped).
Filter feed items on words and/or phrases.
Feed Search for finding RSS feeds, Atom feeds and OPML on any web page (Will only find feeds and OPML that are identified with the correct mime types).
Supports Podcast feeds (Enclosures).
Enclosures can be saved or played through Firefox.
Supports the Feed protocol.
Optionally hide/show read items.
Optionally sort news items alphabetically.
Optionally limit the number of news items returned from a feed.
Publish your collection of feeds on your Web site

Firefox 1.0 - 2.0b1 ALL

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