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WMApp DockApp Library is a C++ based library for writing WindowMaker-style dockapps

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 54K
Developer: Kevin McCarty
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WMApp DockApp Library is a C++ based library for writing WindowMaker-style dockapps. To write a dockapp, it is generally necessary to perform some magic Xlib incantations, supply a clipping mask, and set up X event checking.

Like larger graphics libraries such as GTK+ and Qt, WMApp automates this process by providing the classes and functions necessary for widget creation and callbacks.

The library provides numerous widgets, all with the traditional dockapp appearance. Many common dockapps could already be rewritten to use this library.

WMApp widgets available (most shown above) include:

WMText, a text widget with three available font sizes (two are shown).
WMLED, for creating the cutesy blinkenlights beloved by authors of PPP/Ethernet status dockapps.
WMHistory, for showing the history of some quantity.
WMMeterBar, for showing the quantity's instantaneous value. Available in three different styles.
WMSlider, a subclass of WMMeterBar. This class lets you change a value by clicking or scrolling the mouse wheel over the widget.
WMImage (not shown), a box with the capability to display a pixmap.
WMButton. Buttons may have one or more callback functions attached.
Or, inherit from WMCallback in order to give any other widget the ability to run callback functions.
WMCanvas, a subclass of WMImage that lets you draw directly onto the dockapp.
WMEllipse; inherit from this widget to create rounded buttons, images, etc.
WMFrame. These container widgets may be nested to create the desired layout.
WMWindow (one instance for each possible state of the dockapp). These contain all the other widgets for that state. WMWindows may have callback functions attached that execute every so often. These could be used, for instance, to update a clock or progress bar, or to "time out" an Internet connection.

What's New in This Release:
Several fixes were made so that WMApp will compile with modern, stricter C++ compilers.
Two new, very small fonts are now available.
There are also new set/getuserdata() members of the WMApp and WMWidget classes that can be used to store arbitrary data to be used within callback functions.

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