Wmbio 1.02 review

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Wmbio is a dockapp designed for windowmaker

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 45K
Developer: Matic
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Wmbio is a dockapp designed for windowmaker. Wmbio shows you your biorhythms by setting your birth date.

It also allows you to see the progress in the time of your biorhythms and it calculates your next positive or negative total biorhythmic level.


launch with wmbio

drag it to the dock, set it to be autolaunched, and enjoy.

Switch the three different screen with the middle mouse button. The first thing to do, is set own birth's date in the 2nd screen. Then use the 1st screen to watch your biorhythm level today, or
in past and future by clicking over "NOW", and editing the date. Use the 3th screen to see your next biorhythm upper or lower then the percentuage that you have set.

wmbio configuration file is in ~/.wmbio but you should never have to edit this file directly: the function that read from this file is a simple fscanf(.."%s %s %s"..). If in the file there isn't three numbers, it can make the program blocks itself.

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