WmG 2.0.0 review

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WmG applet is a dockapp plugin for Gaim

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 317K
Developer: Soren Boll Overgaard
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WmG applet is a dockapp plugin for Gaim. That is, once the plugin is started a dockapp appears, which can be conviniently dragged to the windowmaker dock.

The dockapp shows the top 3 buddies from Gaim, sorted by whatever algorithm was selected in the Gaim preferences. Clicking either of the buddies causes a new conversation window to be created for that buddy (unless one already exists, in which case the existing one will be used).

Additionally, the dockapp features a scrolling message thingy, which displays events occurring, such as buddies logging on and off, becoming idle, going away or coming back.

WmG was selected as the name of this program, because WmGaim was already spoken for.

Unloading the plugin unfortunately requires a restart of gaim.
No protocol mini-icons are available for protocols other than msn and icq

What's New in This Release:
WmG has been fixed to work with the 2.0.0 gaim series.
Additionally, the versioning has been changed to match that of gaim.

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