WMII 2 3.1 review

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WMII is the next generation of wmi

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Anselm R. Garbe
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WMII is the next generation of wmi. WMII 2 project is a dynamic window manager for X11, which is highly customizable and usable with keyboard and mouse. It supports conventional, tabbed and tiled window management with low memory usage and a vi-alike user interaction.

Due to a complete rewrite it is highly modularized and uses a new configuration and inter-process communication interface which is oriented on the 9p protocol of the plan9 operating system.

Here are some key features of "WMII":

xinerama/multihead support (not yet implemented)

Window management

tabbed window management
tiled window management
conventional window management
customizable snap-to-border feature

Input devices

full keyboard control
improved mouse control


IXP configuration interface
remote configuration
session support (through configuration)


Official utilities (included in wmii)

wmiiwm? (core window manager)
wmimenu? (generic menu)
wmibar? (generic bar)
wmir (wmi remote configuration/shell tool)
wmikeys? (the shortcut handler)
wmifs? (virtual master file system server)
wmiplumb? (plumbing tool)
wmiwarp? (pointer warping tool)

Contributed Tools

Szs3rd (the thing to show system, mail, player and other informations... BSD compatible in a few days!)
wmizer (configuration tool)
status-rssw (Gmail Inbox checker status text presentation & other wmii things)
plumbrb (Plumbing handler with regex support)


cairo rendering backend
Xlib rendering backend
style support
antialiased fonts (cairo rendering backend only)


POSIX compliance (poorly several GNU libs are not)
ICCCM compliance
partly NETWM compliance (without KDE-/Gnome-only crap)

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