WMix 3.1 review

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WMix is a dockapp mixer for OSS or ALSA

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 20K
Developer: timecop
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WMix is a dockapp mixer for OSS or ALSA. Allows toggling record source, muting individual channels, adjusting volume and balance, all in a compact dockapp size, with TV-like on-screen-display for volume levels.

Supports mousewheel to adjust current channel volume, and can be controlled remotely with SIGUSR1 / SIGUSR2 to adjust the volume, too. It can use a configuration file to control some of the features.

Here are some key features of "WMix":
This is a complete dockapp mixer utilizing the OSS mixer API
Has a nice On-Screen-Display to visualize current volume levels
Can adjust main volume, balance, recording status, and mute/unmute channels
Supports mousewheel to adjust the volume settings
Supports user specified signals to adjust the volume remotely
User configuration file can be used to set options

What's New in This Release:
Fixed a 3 years old bug about volume level showing up as "0" when it's actually set to 10. Thank to all 20 or so people who e-mailed me about this.
Changed struct mixer_info name to allow compiling wmix under 2.6.1+ kernels.
Thanks Neil Burch for the patch.
Added a patch to enable exclusion of channels from display - allows you to
remove mixer channels you never use. adds '-e ' command line option
which can be repeated any number of times. Thanks to Nicolas Descomps .
Added #include since glibc finally fixed most of the includes since 2001.

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