WMLan 1.1 review

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WMLan is a 3Com LanModem status monitor dockapp

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 17K
Developer: timecop
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WMLan is a 3Com LanModem status monitor dockapp. Uses LanModem undocumented telnet feature to access CPU usage, RX/TX loads, current IP address, and connect speed. Displays all of that in a cute 64x64 dockapp.

You can only use this if you own a LanModem (duh). This should work with ISDN and 56K versions. Disconnect button is hardcoded to provider #2 but if you have a clue you should be able to modify that easily.

1) It works for me (tm)
2) Tested on 3Com OfficeConnect 3c886 Lanmodem with 7.1.0 firmware
3) Yes its buggy but i dont feel like fixing it.
4) Connect and disconnect buttons work :)
5) upper left = connect counter
6) upper right = CPU usage
7) center: top bar = transmission load
bottom bar = receive load
numbers below = ip address of the lanmodem
lower left = connect speed
lower right = connect and disconnect buttons
8) If it hangs during start kill it and restart it. I dont know why it does.
9) I never programmed sockets so deal with it.
10) You are welcome to improve on my code and share it with me.


cd wmlan

*** edit wmlan.c
*** put your lanmodem IP and password in the top 2 lines.
*** make sure to leave rn for the password.

strip/copy wmlan bin wherever you want it
wmlan &
pretty easy

3Com LanModem required (If you dont know what that is, delete this program now)

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