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wmseti is a dockapp for monitoring and the control of upto 10 SETI@home processes

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Alan Swanson
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wmseti is a dockapp for monitoring and the control of upto 10 SETI@home processes. wmseti can display various statistics and can pause/continue or kill/run the program.

It can be compiled with or without graphics showing alien faces coming out of the shadows as the workunit progresses, with a progress bar that is green for running, yellow for paused, and red when not running.

Statistics for display are;

[WMSETI..X] Title and current SETI directory where X=AB...
[12.34%..X] Progress as percentage where X is program status
[01:23:45.] Time spent on workunit
[01:23:45.] Time left before completion of workunit
[TX:...123] Number of workunits sent
[RX:...123] Number of workunits received (no longer updated, defunct)
[PID:.1234] PID of SETI@Home client
[=====----] Progess as a graphic bar
[PT:.12/34] Total CPU time contributed to SETI@home as years/days or days/hours

Controls available;

A left click changes between SETI@home directories
A middle click runs or kills the SETI@home client
A right click pauses or continues the SETI@home client
A left click on the top-left quarter changes to/from info text and alien (if compiled)
A left click on the bottom-left quarter of alien sets the progress bar on or off (if compiled)
A mouse wheel up or down changes to the next or previous directory.

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