wmwebcam 0.3.5 review

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wmwebcam can watch your own webcam in a small dockapp window

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 13K
Developer: timecop
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wmwebcam can watch your own webcam in a small dockapp window. Now supports external scripts (to stamp and send the jpeg images to webserver etc..)

This is actually just a edited version of vidcat (from w3cam's package) I combined it with minirgb to open a dockapp window where to draw the image from the webcam. some code is also taken from timecops wmtime-minirgb demo (windowopening etcetc).

Default jpeg output file is /tmp/wmwebcam.jpg and default quality is 100%, change the default values if necessary from the source code.

Also remember to check the wmwebcam.pl and edit it.

Problems running this app? first I was going to make this only for myself but decided to release it anyway. don't ask help if this doesn't work on your system, sorry.

Here are some key features of "wmwebcam":
grabs image from v4l device once a second (to prevent unnecessary cpu load)
shows webcam image in dock resized to 6x smaller image than original
saves jpeg image to a file and runs a custom script every X seconds (def 60)

What's New in This Release:
a v4l webcam (default /dev/video) supporting 352x288
made for windowmaker but should work on other windowmanagers too

What's New in This Release:
fixed some things

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