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XChat-XMMS is an XChat script for controlling XMMS

License: Artistic License
File size: 13K
Developer: Craig Kelley
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XChat-XMMS is an XChat script for controlling XMMS. Use XMMS from within XChat, including remote control and having XChat interact with your IRC channel or /msg (including allowing remote users to browse your playlist)

It can send out messages to channels or other IRC users, and supports searching playlists with Perl regular expresions, DCC transfers, understands MP3 and Ogg-Vorbis tags, caches playlists for quick searches, and allows remote playlist browsing via /msg. It also supports auto- messages and auto-topics.

Perl 5.6


This program requires the Xmms perl module. The easiest way to install this module is via CPAN by using the following command (usually as the root user):

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Xmms'

If it is the first time that CPAN has run, it will ask you a bunch of questions about how it should be setup before it runs. You will also need to have the XMMS development libraries installed (eg, under Redhat, you'll need to have the xmms-devel package installed).

You can test that the Xmms perl module is installed by doin this:

perl -MXmms -e "exit (0)"


In XChat use the menus:

Scripts & Plugins -> Load -> Perl Script

A file dialog box will pop up; navigate to where xchat_xmms.pl is located (you can place this file anywhere you like; personally, I like to put it in my home directory in a plugin folder I have for XChat) After loading, you should see this in the XChat window:

:: Loading X-Chat XMMS Script VERSION

After that, you can get online help by issuing this XChat command:

/xmms help

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