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Objective of this project to provide benchmarking toolset for all available multiplatform C/C++ (and some Java) XML parsers.

Here are some key features of "XML Benchmark":
Currently following parsers are supported:

LibXML2 + GDome + LibXSLT + XML Security
Apache Xerces for C + Apache Xalan for C + Apacge XML Security for C
Expat + CenterPoint XML + Sablotron + Arabica
RXP Parser
Oracle XDK for C/C++
Oracle XDK for Java
QT XML Module
Sun Crismon + Java WebServices Developer Pack 1.2 + Apache XML Security

Following separate benchmarks provided:

Non-Validating Parsing with Native,SAX,DOM Engines Benchmark
Creating + Serializing DOM treee Benchmark
Schema Validation Benchmark
XSL Transformation Benchmark
XML Security (Signature, Encryption) Benchmark

Following XML sources supported:

Any valid XML file (with optional XSL, XSD companions)
Auto-generated random simple XML file (variable size)
Auto-generated random XML OPC-DA message sequence (variable size and length

What's New in This Release:
Support Apache XML Security for C++, Version: CVS 08.02.2004
Experemental support for XML Encryption Benchmark for Apache XML Security for C++ from CVS tree.
Tested againist latest libraries

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