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XML-RPC is a C library for remote procerure call

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Developer: Bryan Henderson
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XML-RPC is a C library for remote procerure call. It converts the procedure call into XML document, sends it to a remote server using HTTP, and gets back the response as XML.

This library provides a new and modular implementation of XML-RPC for C and C++.

XML-RPC For C and C++ is designed for Unix and is most tested on unix. As far as we know, it works on any reasonably standard unix.

There is also lots of code to make it work on Windows, but the fact is that it probably won't work out-of-the-box on your Windows system. Here is the Windows story.

To build a useful Xmlrpc-c client library, you'll need to have at least one HTTP library. Xmlrpc-c knows how to use W3C Libwww (Version 5.3.2 or newer), Curl, and Wininet. The configurator gives you the option of building libraries that use any or all of these, and
defaults to every one you appear to have installed. If you don't appear to have any installed, the configurator causes the build to omit client facilities altogether.

Information about W3C Libwww, including how to get it are at .

For Curl, see .

Wininet comes with Windows, and isn't available for any other platform.

You also need an XML parser/builder library. An old version of Expat is included in the package and used by default, so there's no actual prerequisite here. But if you separately obtain Libxml2, you can configure the build to use that instead. There's no really pressing reason to do that, though.

In the simplest case, the installation it's just a conventional:

make install

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