XML::DOM2 0.03 review

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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 16K
Developer: Martin Owens
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XML::DOM2 is a DOM controlled, strict XML module for extentable xml objects.

XML::DOM2 is yet _another_ perl XML module.

Here are some key features of "XML DOM2":
DOM Level2 Compilence in both document, elements and attributes
NameSpace control for elements and attributes
XPath (it's just one small method once you have a good DOM)
Document, Element or Attribute classes can be used as base class for other kinds of document, element or attribute.
Element and Attribute Handler allows element specific child elements and attribute objects.
Element and Attribute serialisation overiding.
Parsing with SAX (use XML::SAX::PurePerl for low dependancy installs)
Internal serialisation


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