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XMLNuke is a development framework for Web Application and site content management fully based on XML

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XMLNuke is a development framework for Web Application and site content management fully based on XML. The programmer find built-in several classes for XML and XSLT manipulation, relational database access, security mecanism, pache cache and much more. XMLNuke framework also implements a XML structure to storage and retrive data, so no database is needed.

Here are some key features of "XMLNuke":
No database needed
XMLNuke do not need a database to work properly. All features work without a database (such as Access, SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, and others)
Minimal Installation
XMLNuke do not have a complex installation and tedious setup procedure. Just unzip it, copy and paste (or upload) to your site.
Remote Administration Tool
You can set up all the content data by using a remote administration tool.
Improve Performance
XMLNuke uses 2 cache levels to minimize cost and to process and to parse XML and XSL pages.
Support for internationalization built in
The main engine automaticaly identifies what is the prefered accepted language from the user's browser and will try to find the proper page. You need only call the page you want to view and XMLNuke will select the page in the current language.
Supports multiple sites with one engine built in.
You only need to have one copy of XMLNuke?s main engine. All sites managed by XMLNuke are independent and have their own data, styles, pages and caches.
Snippets (pre-processor XSL file)
Snippets are code blocks to help create HTML pages easely. XSL is human unreadable, yet XMLNuke reduce this complexity by implementing code snippets. Beginners only need knowledge of HTML. Advanced users can create their own snippets (and share with the communituy :).
Parameters (pre-processor cached files)
Cached files are static but different parameters can change your content. All requests, headers and others can be written dinamicaly to cached files.
Site Map
The remote administration tool is buit into a XML Index of each XML page of data created.
Print Preview, Themes...
You can have just one XML page data and many XSLT files. This contributes to creating all kinds of pages.
Supports Custom modules that transform XML into HTML dynamicly using Classes to abstract XML
Many features require user interaction. XMLNuke supports this requirement and implements a Class to abstract the XML page. XMLNuke supports custom modules that can be plugged in.. Easely.
Implements AnyDataSet class - a simple XML database.
Many features require the storage of data. If you don?t have database, you can now use a XML database - AnyDataSet.

What's New in This Release:
This release implements framework development, XML objects, a new admin interface, and more.

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