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xmms-a52dec is an A52/AC3 decoder plugin for xmms

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Cort
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xmms-a52dec is an A52/AC3 decoder plugin for xmms. In order to use this software, you'll need XMMS, and liba52. AC3 files can be extracted from a DVD using "extract_a52" provided with liba52.

Here are some key features of "xmms a52dec":
Plays A52/AC3 files.
Display information on A52 files.
Surround Sound using the OSSSurround output plugin (Included).



OSSSurround is an output plugin for XMMS included with xmms-a52dec. It provides surround sound output capability to xmms-a52dec and is fully compatible with all other input plugins. It can be used as a dropin replacement for the original OSS plugin distributed with XMMS.


Download and install liba52 (xmms-a52dec-0.9.2 onwards requires a52dec-0.7.3)
Run "make"
Run "make install"
Do the same for OSSSurround if you want surround sound support.

What's New in This Release:
Added in tooltips.
Added in more options for dynamic range compression.
Now available in RPM packages.

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