xmms-shn 2.4.0 review

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xmms-shn is an XMMS input plugin that can play shorten (.shn) files

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 339K
Developer: Jason Jordan
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xmms-shn is an XMMS input plugin that can play shorten (.shn) files. As of version 2.0, xmms-shn no longer depends on an external shorten executable to function.

However, to take advantage of the real-time seeking capabilities built into version 2.x, you have to seek-enable your .shn's with the new version 3 of shorten.


What's New in This Release:
added the ability to play files that contain an ID3v2 tag
fixed seeking within files that have had data (such as ID3v2 tags) added and/or removed from the beginning of the file since the seek table was created - modification of the leading data causes the byte offsets contained in seek tables to point to incorrect locations, which need to be adjusted
look for appended seek tables that might be hidden behind ID3v1 tags
added code to detect buggy seek tables created by shorten 3.5.2 or earlier, and disable seeking in these files (thanks to Peter Kunath)
changed length format for non-CD quality files from m:ss to m:ss.nnn
seek table revision number, sector misalignment, ID3v2 tag info, and full path to shn/text files now shown in the file information box

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