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XOscript is a transparent communication bridge between objects running in an application server and the browser

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Bryan LaPlante
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XOscript is a transparent communication bridge between objects running in an application server and the browser. JavaScript programmers have access to the methods supported by server side objects. No additional coding techniques are required to call the method of a server side object. Java programmers are free to build an application using any coding style they choose.

The xoscript framework fully supports Java security. During the invocation of any method the Java programmer may have access to the session metadata as well as cookies, params and attributes passed at method call time. No additional argument signatures are required. The framework supports any method return type including object, primitive or client supported Map and Collection interfaces and may pass an array of the aforementioned.

The JavaScript programmer can take advantage of client side support for all of the Map and Collection interfaces used by Java programmers. Supports for 33 of the most useful classes found in the java.util package have been written in JavaScript.

The goal of this project is to let you code the way you want. Providing a simple framework that stays out of the way yet opens the communication gap between the browser and server. Allowing applications to be written without regard to what the framework can or can not handle. A great deal of thought has gone into the most natural way to achieve this end. Using the default implementation of the framework allows for 90 percent of the code just the way it is written today. Under the covers xoscript is divided into 3 services, invocation, persistence and logging. Each of these services can be implemented through a factory class that understands how to create and use your implementation of the service.

Future goals include bringing a server to client event model into the framework enabling the browser and server to interact as if they were one program and building in support for client side custom tags that can be driven by server side logic. Hope you enjoy XOscript.

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