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Yanocc is a Web-based e-mail reader

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Julien Tessier
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Yanocc is a Web-based e-mail reader. It uses PHP and a Web server to access
a mail server (POP3, IMAP) and send e-mail (SMTP or plain sendmail).

Yanocc is based on the source code of Nocc and is very similar with this.

Yanocc can be used as an e-mail reader and allows you to view, send messages,
manage your mail account. It can view and send MIME attachments (files, HTML,

Yanocc has low requirements on browser, it uses JavaScript as less as
possible, nearly no frames and even works with Lynx without cookies; low
requirements on Web servers too: you don't need any superuser privileges to
install Yanocc and it can work with suEXEC (see Apache documentation) for
increased security.

PHP 4.0.0 or later with IMAP support (--with-imap) -- SEE NEXT SECTION
A Web server supported by PHP (i.e. Apache for most people)
An IMAP or POP3 server to connect to
An SSL Web server to allow encrypted connections. Apache+mod_ssl+OpenSSL is popular
PHP needs to be compiled with IMAP support. (--with-imap at the configure stage).
You'll find information on IMAP support for PHP at 'http://www.php.net/manual/ref.imap.php'.

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