Yet Another SQL*Plus Replacement 1.82 review

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YASQL project is an open source Oracle command line interface

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Nathan Shafer
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YASQL project is an open source Oracle command line interface. It features a much kinder user interface than SQL*Plus (sqlplus).

This is meant to be a complete replacement for SQL*Plus when dealing with ad hoc queries and general database interfacing.

Here are some key features of "Yet Another SQL Plus Replacement":
full ReadLine support for command history and tab completion
alternate output methods
redirection and piping of query results
query editing
easy administrative data dictionary commands.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed the 'DECIMAL' problem with describe command.
Added sql mode with i (patch by Ed Avis).
Added redirectors (>, >>, |) to describe.
Added 'show user' command.
Added 'show uid' command.
Added new makefile targets: clean, check. (patch by Ed Avis)
Added "and owner = ?" to some show targets (patch by anonymous).
Added command_complete_list feature and config option.
Added disconnect command
Added command completion: select, update, insert, delete, execute, etc.
Added table.column name completion.
Added feature to run tty-less (patch by Michael Kroell).
Added a workaround for SunOS's alarm() bug (patch by Ed Avis).
Fixed some minor issues in parser code.

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