YouGrabber 0.20 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Quetzy Garcia
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YouGrabber is a command line video downloader made from scratch in ANSI C using the libcURL API.

Known to compile/work on:

Arch 0.7.2 running Linux with libcURL 7.15.5

curl and libcurl

What's New in This Release:
+ Added Ncurses interface
- Lots of code changes and fixes
* Updated contact info (the project is now hosted at

+ Added ".PHONY: install", so it can compile under Cygwin
Thanks to Alexander Demin

* YGdownload and YGconfig data structures revised

* pthread_join() is no longer used, since we wait in a loop for all threads
to finish their stuff

- Code cleanup and minor tweaks

- Code cleanups
* curl_easy_escape() is no longer used to name the temporary files
+ Added a download progress meter (finally!)

* mkfilename(): Auto-rename support added (in case a file already exists)
Thanks to Alexander Demin
* Added dipclean(), a download notifier/cleaner
* Added fexists(), a file checker

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