Zeta 0.5 review

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Zeta is the name of a virtual platform, or "architecture"

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 91697K
Developer: Thomas Capricelli
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Zeta is the name of a virtual platform, or "architecture". You can find the specifications in the released source.

On top of those specifications, an emulator has been developed under linux. It's a direct implementation of the specs.

Zeta's purpose is to boot/use linux on this new target. Hence, the GNU binutils and the GNU gcc have been ported to zeta. Using those tools (as "cross-compilers"), the real work can now begin : porting linux to zeta. This is still work in progress. This kernel is called ZetaLinux.

Porting linux to a new platform has always been one of my dreams. Nowadays (19/12/2000), almost all the platforms I can think of already run linux (or will soon).

As I don't have time to look for specs and/or be really useful for any port being done, I've decided to create my own 'virtual' platform to port linux to. This way, I'll be able to learn linux kernel internals without bothering any other project.

What's New in This Release:
A new GUI for the emulator.
The kernel now boots almost all the way to userspace.
There are many bugfixes in the toolchain and the emulator.

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