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ZetBackup is a backup system, able to take local and remote backups of a variety of systems, including Linux, Microsoft servers, MySQ

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ZetBackup is a backup system, able to take local and remote backups of a variety of systems, including Linux, Microsoft servers, MySQL Databases, Cisco Routers and NFS based servers. ZetBackup's build in web-based administration interface makes the job of administration backup quick and easy.

The hierarchical log system, used by ZetBackup to log everything the backup server does, gives the administrator complete control with the status of the backup system. After each backup, ZetBackup sends a comprehensively email report, listing errors, warnings, backup status and time elapsed.

ZetBackup main strength is the external disk support. Using low cost Firewire/USB 2 external disks as the backup medium, ZetBackup gives the user a opportunity to scale the backup system, without big initial investments in expensive backup hardware.

ZetBackup is build around four type of objects: Source, Target, Scheduler and Target Manager. All these objects are configured by the administration GUI.

Source objects defines where the data resides. Currently Zetbackup supports the following source objects: SMB (Windows servers), Local disk, MySQL databases, SSH (Secure copy) and Cisco IOS based devices.

Target objects defines where the backup ed data are stored. Currently ZetBackup supports two types of target objects: Local and External. Targets can be grouped into Target Groups.

Scheduler objects connects source objects with target objects. A Scheduler defines when the backup is run. The Scheduler are responsible for running the backup and log events to the log system and report any abnormalities.

Management of external disks, are taken care of with the Target Manger. If the backup server is configured with several attached external disks simultaneously, the Target Manger will automatically select the right disk to store backup on. New disks are automatically formated and labeled (This feature is optional)

Here are some key features of "ZetBackup":
Firewire/USB External disk support
Web administration, build on the Zild Application Server
Takes backup of SMB servers, Local disks, MySQL databases, SSH copy, Cisco IOS
Web based Restore utility
Automatic Media management
Logs are easily browsable in the administration GUI.
Sends reports by email
No client-side installation
Supports differential backup

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